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Zenith Montessori
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Address 6 Saffron Crescent, Burgundy Estate
Telephone 021 558 7951
076 712 4022
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About us

Zenith Montessori is a private newly established school providing a 100% Montessori orientated education for children aged 18 months - 6 years of age. Classes are age integrated (18 months - 3 year old and 4 - 6 year old) within a safe, fun and nurturing environment where they will be encouraged individually to reach their highest potential through multicultural and stimulating surroundings.

We believe that each family contributes directly to the success of our school and we value your input. We take pride in having you as a member of our Zenith family.

Our mission

"Aspiring to your highest potential"

To nurture the love of learning & compassion in every child. The challenging and nurturing environment allows each child to develop self-discipline, positive self-image, a sense of responsibility and a lifelong love of work. We create a habit of concentration and routine, allowing the child’s inner need for order and curiosity to be directly satisfied.

Our objectives in a classroom are:

• To discover the joy of learning;
• Experiencing, exploring and experimenting with the world around them;
• To create and express themselves;
• Becoming aware of special strengths, abilities & uniqueness;
• Be respectful, learn to care for equipment & share with others;
• Be independent thinkers and self-reliant;

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 17:30pm

School will be closed during school holidays and Public holidays.

Zenith Montessori Zenith Montessori
Zenith Montessori Zenith Montessori
Zenith Montessori Zenith Montessori