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unique playschool
Address Goedemoed, Durbanville Telephone 021 976 3950 E-mail E-mail Website Our Website

21 Oryx St, Goedemoed, Durbanville - Children 2 - 5 years

4 Dexter St, Goedemoed, Durbanville - Babies up to 2 years

This is a fun place where we develop and stimulate the pre-school child mentally and physically.
We provide a safe haven on all levels of development and education with a diverse approach of uniqueness.

We fill our day with an advanced structure of valued and balanced programmes for the important development of our children through learning and playing.

We are different because we offer the maximum to our children. We are not only a day care but a playschool with a great deal of depth and excellent standards and programme structures.

In our classrooms we provide the best selection of teachers who are passionate about our children and together we make an exceptional team. Our classrooms and play areas are spacious and exciting for the children. Our programmes which we develop, maintain and educate the children play-play as we go along.

We provide the following at The Unique playschool with great success:

Educational Programmes in movement, theme discussions, song and rhyme, counting, shapes and numbers, perception activities, art activities, movement and music activities, life skills and free play.

Unique Playschool Unique Playschool Unique Playschool
Unique Playschool Unique Playschool Unique Playschool