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Swimming Stars
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Swimming Stars

Mission Statement

To be the best provider of swimming services
by teaching water awareness and water safety
lessons in a clean, friendly and safe teaching
environment with highly trained staff.


Saving Children from Drowning
one Lesson at a Time

The Swimming Stars™ approach

The Swimming Stars™ programme respects the individuality of each swimmer and evaluates him/her based on the aquatic abilities specific to each level.
Swimmers are motivated through play as the main method of acquiring new knowledge.
Swimmers are rewarded for progress through evaluations, encouraging them till they qualify for a new level, thereby receiving a new coloured Swimming Cap as well as a certificate!
Although the objective of Swimming Stars™ is focussed on Water Safety (all ages), it is also important to provide a structured opportunity for the swimmer that decides on SWIMMING as a sport of choice.
Structured Stroke Development Training is thus provided for in the

Dare – Learn – Trust!

How does the Swimming Stars™ programme work?

Swimmers are initially placed within a level according to age, ability and prior swimming experience. During the first lesson placement will be evaluated. The FOCUS is on the SWIMMER within a specific LEVEL and NOT on the Swimming Teacher. All teachers are trained at international standards and work according to Weekly Goals based on the Individual Level Evaluations that your child will receive every 15 weeks.

• Evaluations & Certificates

To ensure that your child makes the best possible progress – we present classes for 46 weeks annually.

We evaluate and reward each swimmer 3 x per year (April, August and December).

Each evaluation period consist out of 15 active swimming weeks. This excludes Public and other Holidays, so no lessons are lost!

Swimming Stars



from 6 months to adult


8 levels from tiny Twinkle Stars to competent Swimming Stars!
Each level has 10 outcomes and each swimmer is formally evaluated before receiving a certificate and moving on to the next level. Levels are indicated by cap colour


Child centred approach in pace with the Level of Development


To teach breath control, floating, survival skills and propulsion that gradually develops into formal strokes over the various levels

Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars Swimming Stars Swimming Stars
Swimming Stars Swimming Stars Swimming Stars