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Crackerjacks Nursery

We know you only want the best for your little one. You want them to feel loved and secure whilst having the opportunity to explore their independence and to build their foundations for learning. Because we understand this, our nursery is overseen by nurturing nurses who provide an environment that is warm and caring and that is as home-like as possible. Small groups ensure individual attention and provide mums with peace of mind.

Christopher Robin Pre-Primary

"As our little learners embark on their journey through education, Christopher Robin Pre-Primary provides an environment that enables the learner to develop lasting impressions that will enhance their positive attitude to life-long learning. The classrooms are alive with the excited chatter of the children as they develop their skills and expand their minds. Their days are filled with creativity, music, discussion and play while exploring the how's and why's of space, road safety, seasons, stranger danger and much, much more!"

Junior Preparatory (Grade 1 - 3)

As our learners enter the first phase of formal education, we want their experience to be exciting, stimulating and innovative. Learners are encouraged to explore their environment in a fun way using the facilities available to them and educators are on hand to guide them through their learning process. We use technology to enhance our curriculum and learners are able to research, collate and collaborate their findings in a safe and secure environment.

Senior Preparatory (Grade 4 - 6)

In the Preparatory Faculty, we pride ourselves on furnishing every aspect of the development of the learners in our care. We believe in nurturing the growth of our staff and learners thereby making education a team effort to which all are committed. The atmosphere that exists within our school is one in which learning is interactive and dynamic. There is the establishment of a critical, creative consciousness whereby children learn to rely on their own independent achievement on an individual and a collective level. This is achieved by the growth of self-esteem and the realisation of each individual's potential. We believe that innovative approaches and pioneering methods along with the acquisition of certain fundamental skills are necessary for the success of a school thereby ensuring that Parklands College continues to remain a forerunner in educational innovation.

Parklands College Secondary (Grade 7 - 12)

"What greater gift can a parent give a child than a really top class education? Here, within a community of caring, professional educators, each learner's needs are nurtured."

Encouragement to give of their best is promoted in all aspects of learning in order to ensure success and personal fulfilment. Our examination process and continuous assessment, ensures a sound foundation for further studies. We offer a balanced timetable, which ensures that every learner has the opportunity to participate in the sport and cultural programmes on offer. Therefore, learners are required to participate in campus life, by committing to a cultural or sporting code, thereby enriching their education. The world requires citizens who are comfortable within a rapidly changing environment and to this end, the acquisition of technology skills is a top priority.

The Oyster Center (Remedial Learning at Parklands College)

The Oyster Centre at Parklands College provides an inclusive, supportive educational environment for Grade 1-3 learners with an average to above average intellectual ability, who are experiencing barriers to learning and requiring specialised and differentiated instruction. The educational programme fulfills the standards and requirements of the national curriculum, but is adapted to suit the individual needs of learners, providing a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning. Learners are fully integrated into the enrichment lessons (Music, Art, Drama, Robotics, Physical Education) and co-curricular programme of the College. Availability will be subject to enrolments.

Enrolments are now open for 2018 Grades 1-3, enrolments for Grades 4-6 will roll-out as of 2019.

Academic Curriculum

Parklands College offers a wide spectrum of subjects leading to the National Senior Certificate. In addition to the required subjects, we offer a variety of enrichment subjects to prepare our learners for the competitive modern world.

Examinations are written twice per annum and are vital performance indicators. The College promotes a mature, regular and consistent approach to studies, therefore applying methods for continuous assessment whereby all tests, projects, assignments, presentations, essays, orals and assessed group work are evaluated.

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