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Norscot Playschool
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Address Norscot Manor Recreation Centre, 16B Penguin Drive, Norscot, Fourways
Telephone 011 467 2799
Mobile Phone 083 244 2838
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Situated within the secure surroundings of the Norscot Manor Recreation Center, we provide a valuable service to people in Norscot and the greater Fourways and Bryanston area, providing full day care for children from birth to 6 years of age.


Mandy Bouwer (Greta-Ann) has been the owner of Norscot Playschool for over a decade and is well known by the community. Tucked away from any main road, the school provides a tranquil and warm
Environment for parents to leave their children.

In addition, the school also offers transport to and from school, as well as aftercare for school going children and a holiday program during school holidays.

The school operates Monday to Friday from 6h00 – 18h00.

Breakfast, Lunch and mid-morning and mid- afternoon snacks are provided.

The school is open all year round.

We have five defined groups:
• Babies: 0 – 2 years
• Toddlers: 2 – 3 years
• Kiddies: 3 – 4 years
• Kiddies: 4 – 5 years
• Grade 0/R: 5 – 6 years


Our baby section is separate from the rest of the school. They have their own play area and are catered according to their age appropriate needs. The Baby centre has its own Milk kitchen where all bottle sterilizing and feeding takes place. A daily record is kept of each individual child’s activities as well as their feeding and sleeping schedule.


Potty training takes place in the Toddler group. They also take their first steps in constructive learning.


We understand the value of individual attention and therefore keep our classes small and intimate. We subscribe to the national curriculum and follow the system of O.B.E (Outcome Based Education system) Progress reports are given twice annually an Assessments done twice annually. Regular updates on one’s progress is made with the parents. We appreciate and encourage parental involvement.


The school has an open door policy, so you are welcome to come and view at anytime between 07h00 and 17h00 and someone will gladly show you around and fill you in on our requirements.

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 16b Penguin Drive, Norscot Manor Recreation Centre, Norscot, Fourways.

Tel: 011 467 2799 Mandy 083 244 2838 email:

Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool
Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool
Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool Norscot Playschool