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"It is as though a music box has been opened, spilling music and light, and all those watching have been enchanted, captured by its magic" Cecelia Ahern

Developmental Benefits of Music Box programme
Your child will benefit by helping them develop the following through carefully constructed curricula

Music appreciation and readiness for formal music training
Exposing children to different types of music helps them understand and learn to appreciate them.

As adults we have already chosen which music we prefer to listen to and more often than not our children only hear that type of music as well. In Music Box they will hear all different types of music. Becoming aware of the variety of music helps develop curiosity for the how, what and why of music.

In Music Box we work with different types of music and percussion instruments. Playing and learning the different techniques of percussion instruments helps towards enabling your child to continue on the path to formal music training.

Creativity and imagination
When children can imagine, they learn to see solutions to life’s little challenges.

With the advancements in technology it is easier for our children to just “switch off” their creativity and rely on what they see for their entertainment and how to deal with obstacles they may encounter. At Music Box we stimulate with props, stories and music to activate their own imaginations while encouraging them to get involved with the stories to spur on creativity.

A creative mind is a happy mind!

Fine and gross motor skills
Fine motor refers to the smaller muscles in the body (fingers, hands, toes and feet)
and gross motor refers to the larger muscles in the body (arms, legs, tummy, back and neck).

Learning to manipulate and play percussion instruments such as the castanets, egg shakers and rhythm sticks promotes the smaller muscle groups growth and development. Jumping, crouching and stretching exercises build the larger muscle groups enabling children to strengthen their posture and stamina while exercising.

Popeye ate spinach, Music Box is the new spinach!

Rhythmic skills
Hearing and listening to music are two very different aspects. In Music Box we deal with both.
In classes we will hear and understand the emotional aspects of music and listen to the rhythm. Some of us can naturally hear the beat (rhythm) in music but don’t realise it until we see or hear someone who cannot. The ability to listen to and interpret rhythm can be taught. We expose the children to fast and slow rhythms and teach them to listen and play along.

Feel the rhythm, hear the rhyme, come on now its music time!

Confidence and self-esteem
Each child has their own personality and unique qualities, and in class they are nurtured with those qualities in mind.

A child might be quiet, but that does not necessarily mean they are not confident. In the same way, they may be completely extroverted but their self-esteem levels may be low. In Music Box class we provide and create a loving, tender and safe environment that allows a child to find a balance of their emotions and be who they are naturally. Seeing a grown up engaging in silly, creative play whether being an elephant or making funny sounds, they feel at ease and their confidence increases.

Music builds confidence and self esteem.