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Lynn Woods Baby Routine Clinic
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Lynn Woods Baby Routine Clinic

A baby clinic with a difference.

Lynn Woods is an experienced pediatric nurse who works with babies from birth to 3 years of age. She is sure to help mothers with all manner of baby related problems that they may be faced with, giving you the time time to enjoy your little bundle of joy.

Lynn Wood Baby Rourine Clinic  
About Lynn Woods and the work she does.

The first few months with your newborn are the most precious. By establishing routines from breastfeeding, solids, sleep and play routines, your baby feels safe, loved and secure. This allows you to experience all the joys of Motherhood & Fatherhood has to offer, rather than frustrating times at the important moments in your babies life.

Routines establish foundations that are there for life, allowing you to grow as a new Family and celebrate your new bundle of Joy.

Lynn Woods is a highly trained specialist who works directly with all her clients. She has many years of experience in her field of work and prides herself in helping in any way she can to assist those that are having troubles with their baby.

She co-ordinated at the Kingsbury Hospital nursery in Cape Town helping mothers establish their breastfeeding. She has also worked with top leading pediatricians throughout her career.
Lynn Woods

My clinic specializes in getting babies into a routine from birth, making life manageable for you so that you can enjoy your time with your little one.

- Lynn Woods

Lynn offers the following services:

» Pre Birth Consultations. Preparing you for your baby's
    arrival. This includes advice for the first few weeks and
    tips on the essential products you will need to purchase.

» Infant Weighing. Advice on your baby's growth and

» Establishing a routine from birth.

» Advise and support for Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding.

» Introduction of solids. A step by step guide which is
   designed for your baby as an individual.

» Weaning.

» Sleep Training.

» Child Nutrition and Routine (1 to 3 years).