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Keith Polden Counselling Psychologist
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Keith Polden Counselling Psychologist
M.Psych (MGI) / Registered Psychologist (HPCSA) / Registered Psychometrist (HPCSA) / B.Soc.Sci. Hons (Psychology) (UP) / Early Childhood Development Certificate (Stimulus Maxima). Assosiated member of SACNA

Keith Polden Counselling Psychologist


Preventative coping skills:

At Keith Polden and Associates we believe that a prevention is better than a cure.

We believe that when children are given the coping tools to deal with the stresses that life brings they can go onto thrive.

Your child is invited to attend weekly sessions in a small group environment that will cover:

• Emotions
• Bullying
• Anger Management
• Loss and Bereavement

All of these classes are presented through FUN and INTERACTIVE activities to help your child learn through having fun.

Keith Polden and Associates

The objective of my practice is to provide excellent services in the following:

I provide psychotherapeutic services for children, adolescents and adults in individual counselling as well as
group counselling settings. I am flexible and skilled in working with children, teenagers and adults who are
experiencing emotional challenges, work or school related difficulties, personal development needs,
relationship difficulties and parenting needs. I practice in both long term dynamic therapy as well as short-term
solution focused therapy which would depend on the unique needs of each client.

Workshops and guidance:
Workshops would include the following:
- Parental guidance workshops;
- Early childhood development workshops;
- Study skills workshops for school children;
- Being effective university students.

These workshops will typically be available in school holidays and weekends when it does not interfere with
your everyday routine and the dates, times and venue for these workshops would be updated on the web-site
as well as on my Facebook page.

Detailed description of the assessment services offered include:

• Psycho-educational Assessments will include an initial interview with the parents, a needs
assessment and establishing the purpose of the assessment (this may include, placement,
developmental concerns, extra-time needed for exams and tests, the identifying of specific learning
difficulties and school readiness testing. The child will then be assessed, using valid and reliable
assessment tools. A comprehensive report and a feedback session would be provided which will include
recommendations, parenting plans and suggestions for the teachers that is involved in the child's
educational development.

1. I provide scholastic assessments for children (from 6 years) and adolescents (teenagers). These
assessments may be done for various reasons such as understanding poor school performance,
identifying learning problems, assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD) and guiding appropriate intervention (extra lessons, remedial assistance, school
placement, occupational therapy, speech therapy etc.).

2. Intellectual assessments provide insight into an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
The typical assessment, includes an intellectual and an emotional assessment. The emotional
assessment helps gain a better understanding of the child's emotional world and how this - for
example anxiety or mood disturbances- may impact their ability to function academically,
occupationally and socially.

3. An optional, but highly suggested addition to the above, is an educational assessment. Educational
assessments further examine reading, mathematics, writing and oral language. These assessments
pick up specific problems such as mathematics or reading disorders that intellectual assessments
(measuring cognitive ability) often cannot.

• Medico-Legal Forensic Assessments

1. Areas of assessment include forensic psychological assessment of children in cases where there is
suspicion of alleged physical or sexual abuse or in divorce proceedings where a child needs to be
evaluated for child custody related matter. The first step in the assessment is a Pre-Forensic Evaluation
of the child, which involves a holistic evaluation of the child. If the outcome of the Pre-Forensic Evaluation
indicates the need for further investigation, sessions for Forensic Interviews will be scheduled.

2. Medico-legal and medical negligence assessments include evaluating the impact of a traumatic incident,
whether it is clinical, neuropsychological or both. This service comprises assessment, a forensic
psychological report and courtroom testimony.

• Career assessments and Counselling include evaluating the client's needs through an extensive
interview and initial consultation. It also entails assessment of the client's aptitude, values, interests and
personality. A comprehensive report will be written by integrating the various sources of information and
aligning it with specific careers. Information on educational opportunities in line with these careers will also
be researched and included in the report. A feedback session with the client will then be scheduled to
discuss the findings and recommendations will be made in terms of possible and suitable career paths,
subject choices and career changes.