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Juazel Pieterse
Juazel Pieterse

47 de Bron Avenue, Kenridge
Stellenbosch Centre for Early Intervention
Techno Park, Mason Street
, Stellenbosch

Telephone 021 828 1828 / 021 880 1089
076 790 5049
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Juazel Pieterse

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and in Stellenbosch.

I provide therapy and assessments in English and Afrikaans.

I am registered with the following professional boards:

Health Professions Council of South Africa PS0117692
Board of Health Care Funders Practice Number: 086 001 0496359
Psychological Society of South Africa

At times when your quality of life is not what you want it to be, psychological intervention could be of benefit. Nevertheless,
seeking psychological support can be quite formidable, this may
be because of myths or fear or simply uncertainties about what psychological intervention entails.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about the
kind of psychological help I offer.

I believe in working with the client and using different approaches to meet each client's individual personality and needs. I work from an integrative approach which allows for a variety of psychological therapeutic techniques to be used. The integrative approach for therapy and assessment further allows for focus to be placed on each client’s individual needs and strengths. Therefore, therapy starts with an assessment session where I work with the client to tailor the psychological treatment approach and therapeutic intervention to each client’s concerns.

I use techniques that stem from psychoanalysis, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy and child-parent relationship therapy.

Juazel Pieterse

Services offered

Play therapy for children

Individual therapy for adolescents

Individual therapy for adults

Family therapy

Juazel Pieterse

Developmental Assessments for children

Neuropsychological Assessments for children

Scholastic Assessments

School Readiness Testing

Career Assessments and Guidance

Juazel Pieterse
Juazel Pieterse
Juazel Pieterse