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Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery
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Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery


Cape Town based professional jeweller and gemmologist Janine Binneman has come a long way since starting Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery Design over seventeen years ago after graduating with an honours degree in Jewellery Design Cum Laude from Stellenbosch University.

Janine is renowned for having an innate ability to tap into in her clients’ personal style, resulting in beautiful one-of-a-kind creations. This coupled with her design flair, professionalism, quality workmanship and engaging personality have contributed to Janine’s client base growing significantly over the past seventeen years, not to mention her many clients who have come back to her again and again over the years.

Janine is assisted by a team of talented jewellery designers and the studio produces bespoke fine jewellery pieces for both men and women, ranging from engagement rings to occasion jewellery and stylish must-haves.

Design is one of Janine’s passions, and her ever-changing range of ready to wear items provides another channel for her to express her creativity and explore current trends. Janine launches a new capsule range once a year and the popularity of these ranges has led to Janine establishing a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading small-studio creatives.

Both local and international publications have featured Janine’s work, including British Vogue in 2014. Janine Binneman Jewellery also had the honour of being featured as a name to note in the Louis Vuitton Cape Town Shopping Guide.

Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery provides an exceptional service to clients, and this coupled with Janine’s professional gemmology and jewellery manufacturing abilities, along with her extensive knowledge and a passion for what she does ensures that Janine is regarded as one of the leaders in her industry.


"I know just how personal the process of committing to a piece of fine jewellery is and whether you meet with me in my Cape Town studio, at your home or simply over the internet – I will assist you each step of the way, considering your financial means, until you have your ideal piece."

Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery
Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery