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While babies have not changed for over the years, circumstances have, and we no longer have mothers, grandmothers or aunts on hand to advise and assist new mothers. As a result traditional practices have been lost through lack of continuity, or have been rejected because they were found to be unsound n the light of modern knowledge. The result is that parents have been left holding the baby without even an owner’s manual to describe its workings, and certainly no manufacturers guarantee.

It is my sincere believe that parents of all shades and creeds share a common bond – that of wanting the best for their children.

It is the right of every child to be brought up with enough food to nurture mind, body and soul – so that each will grow with high self esteem, and a chance to realise full potential.

It is after all, our children who give hope for a better future.

Marina Petropulos, August 1980