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Swimming a vital life skill
Swimming is a vital life skill and all children must be taught to swim from a young age. It has been said that kids between the ages of 4years and 5 years are the highest risk of drowning.
Drownings can take place in an inch or 2 of water never leave your kids unattended at all times near water. Kids can be taught to be "water safe" between 6 months - 3 years thereafter they can be taught to swim strokes.

Drownings occur in:-

• Bathtubs even with supporting ring devices
• Buckets of water (dogs water bowls)
• Toilets
• Hot tubs, spa's and whirlpools
• Irrigation ditches and wells
• Fish ponds and fountains
• Rivers, dams and the sea

It can take between 45 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds for someone to drown and by approximately 3 minutes the possibility of brain damage may have occur or death. Even when someone is unconscious the quicker CPR can be performed the chances are good to recover if done immediately racing to a hospital or doctor may be too late. Water temperature that are cold may give one a few more seconds to survive than those falling into warm water.
All "learn to swim" instructors have to be affiliated to swim SA and WP Aquatics and to be registered you must have done a First Aid Course.

Anybody requiring more info where the nearest instructor can be found in your area you can look into the WP Aquatics website: click on LTS

Courtesy of Denise Askevold, Barracuda Swim school