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Developmentally Enriched Yoga for Babies, Toddlers and those who love them
Itsy Bitsy Yoga was created in 1999, by Helen Garabedian, out of her passion for yoga and her innate understanding of infants and toddlers.
Itsy Bitsy Yoga brings parents & caregivers new ways to calm, soothe, and nurture your baby as well as giving you the tools to give your baby a strong and healthy foundation that will last beyond the preschool years.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga introduces your baby and you to the many benefits of yoga in the first years of life. It is a compassionate, fun-loving and interactive program that focuses on the child’s exploration of yoga and your bond with each other.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a loving, child-centered program that helps parents better understand their young children’s physical development, needs and abilities through yoga. Babies as young as 6 weeks can enjoy the structured one-on-one interaction Itsy Bitsy Yoga provides them and their parents. Parents gain a plethora of calming techniques, healthy activities and supportive friendships through Itsy Bitsy Yoga. There are nearly 125 yogic and developmentally sound activities created and adapted to enhance the lives of new families.

Are you wondering if yoga is safe for babies? According to pediatricians and nurses, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Itsy Bitsy Yoga is safe, gentle and very effective when done with instruction at home or in a class setting. The parent is responsible for carrying out all of the baby’s yoga movements until the baby is walking. In the more active program for tots, parents are there to support and assist their toddler into yoga poses whenever necessary. Parents also enjoy the time to practice yoga poses, while letting their child imitate and explore yoga on their own two feet.

USA Today, ABC, CBS, and NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, Baby Years Magazine, Yoga Journal, Newsweek, Business Week, and The Oprah Winfrey Show have recognized the Itsy Bitsy Yoga program!

Itsy Bitsy Yoga Class Descriptions: Ages: newborn to almost crawling baby with parent or caregiver

During Baby IBY class, the baby is mostly lying on his/her tummy, back or in a parent’s arms. For parents, this class gives the special time necessary to bond with and learn about your baby’s emerging personality. Most of the yoga we do in Itsy Bitsy Yoga is for the child, but you will learn breathing and relaxation techniques as well as practice some yoga for yourself. (No yoga experience required.)

Some of the Many Benefits of Itsy Bitsy Yoga:
• Deepen the parent/child bond
• Help baby sleep longer and better
• Improve baby’s digestion and ease tummy troubles
• Relieve fussiness and colic
• Discover ways to enhance your baby’s motor development
• Strengthen the immune system
• Encourage neuromuscular development Some of the Many Parent/Caregiver Benefits of Itsy Bitsy Yoga
• Discover your child’s personality and learning style
• Learn ways to calm your child
• Build your confidence as a parent
• Reduce your stress and anxiety
• Create memorable moments with your child
• Engage in a structured physical activity
• Get more sleep!

For More information about Itsy Bitsy Yoga & Founder Helen Garabedian, visit