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Fit Kids

We're shaping the way children feel about exercise!

Every day, at every Fit Kids class, children are feeling great about what their bodies can do.

At Fit Kids, we believe that if children are taught about exercise in a way that makes them feel great about themselves and their bodies, they'll always find a way to keep physical activity in their lives as they grow up. And we all know that people who keep exercising over the long term are healthier and happier, make better nutrition choices, experience a greater sense of personal wellbeing, and have greater levels of confidence, than those who don’t.

About our programmes

Fit Kids is an exercise life-skills programme. Our goal is to teach children that exercise is not sport: it's a personal journey of feeling strong, able, confident and great about yourself. We do this by helping children to see exercise as a powerful tool that can help them in all areas of their lives, not just a means to make the sports team, beat their friends, impress their coach or please their parents.

Our classes

All of our classes are presented either as an in-school program where the school signs up a whole class or grade, or as an extra-mural program where parents sign up privately for classes at school or at a private venue.

Toddlers: 18 months to 3 years
Classes for our littlest Fit Kids are 30 minutes long, and are usually presented in the morning at schools where teachers can facilitate. It’s a fun, high-energy introduction to the Fit Kids way, addressing developmental milestones, and building a sense of self-pride in what each individual’s little body is capable of.

Pre-schoolers: 4 to 6 year olds
This is our main program, offered by all Fit Kids coaches. Classes are 40-minutes long and are offered once a week, mostly at schools. Pre-schoolers are so open to the Fit Kids way of thinking, and we just love leaving them with such a concrete sense of all the amazing things they can achieve if they apply themselves and keep trying.

Foundation Phase: 7 to 9 year olds
40-minute classes for Grade 1 to 3 children are an add-on program to our pre-school classes. Our core program is adapted to suit the needs of slightly older children, as a focus on fundamental movements is still key in the Foundation years.

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Fit Kids Parties

Your little guy or girl has waited all year to celebrate their big day – give them a Fit Kids party, and it’ll stand out as one to remember!

A Fit Kids party is inspired by any theme your child can dream up. We’ve gone out of our way to come up with games, activities and equipment for fishing, ninja turtles, minecraft, adventure racing, star wars, soccer, hockey, rugby, action heroes, pool parties, beach parties, obstacle course parties, army parties… and more.

Become a Fit Kids Coach

There are area licenses available all over SA as well as overseas for coaches who would like to start their own Fit Kids business - Click HERE to find out more.

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Fit Kids Fit Kids
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