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Executots Crèche
Address 79 14th Street,
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Welcome to Executots Crèche

The Executots Crèche is committed to providing a safe, caring and encouraging environment in which young children are able to develop and grow as individuals. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide a child with a good grounding in their early development, where we can support them in learning good manners, how to share and interact with others, discipline, and most importantly build their self-confidence. We feel that a confident child will achieve their goals as they grow. We have therefore built a programme that utilises both a structured and free play developmental approach.

There are three main goals for every class:

To help children make a happy transition between home and school through nurturance and positive guidance.

To expose children to a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences and encourage creativity through exploration, questioning, and experimentation.

To help children begin the process of socialisation with peers and other adults and to introduce the child to the art of negotiation and communication.

Another important programme goal is to help children learn acceptable behaviour. No child is ever permitted to harm another, either emotionally or physically, and both self-respect and respect for others are strongly encouraged. We reinforce positive behaviour with praise, we guide children towards constructive activity with re-direction, and set a few clear limits and rules for safety and respect for others. We work on solving problems together through conversation and compromise and we help children learn to talk over differences to help develop respect and empathy for the feelings of others.


Babies (3 Months - 1 Year)
Toddlers (1 - 2 Years)
Playgroup (2 - 3 Years)
Executots (3 - 4 Years)


The nursery caters for a maximum of 12 babies, ensuring that each baby receives valuable and loving one-on-one care. We also have a separate baby and toddler playground, enabling your baby to play in a safe outside area with children of similar age and on age suitable jungle-gyms. Also, our daily rotation of nursery toys enables developmental variation and sensory stimulation.

In our nursery, we make use of daily monitoring reports, tracking your baby’s sleep times, food and milk intake, as well as nappy changes, to ensure that you are always aware of your baby’s well-being.

Our freshly cooked vegetables and fruit are pureed daily to ensure that your baby receives the freshest and healthiest meals. Also, our custom Nursery kitchen enables onsite sterilisation and preparation of bottles.

School times

Full Day 07:00 - 17:30
Half Day 07:00 - 13:30


The Executots Crèche is open throughout the year, closing only over Christmas and New Year for approximately 3 weeks.

Daily Programme

We believe that a young child’s development is nurtured through a programme that makes use of both structured and free-play. Each week a different theme is covered and that theme is incorporated into each structured activity and class discussion, thereby helping the children learn about their environment. The weekly theme is displayed on the notice board so that parents can stay involved and discuss the weekly theme with their child at home.

Executots Crèche Executots Crèche Executots Crèche
Executots Crèche Executots Crèche Executots Crèche