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Address David Wagenfeld,
Southern Suburbs, Cape Town
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En Garde School of Sword was founded in Cape Town in 1999 by David Wagenfeld.

Within our structured approach, students learn the basic offensive and defensive techniques of this noble art. Insight, speed, reactions and daring are especially addressed in a course which gives attention to building the students’ ability to concentrate and control their aggression. Although the object of the game is to hit without being hit, fencing is not a violent sport: the philosophy is one of "harmonious conflict". Mutual respect is at the core of the fencing ethos.

The age of chivalry lives on!

We cater for all ages - from 6 to 60! Anyone with a zest for life and a desire to learn more about the art of fencing and themselves is welcome to join us for a "trial period"!


Children's Parties

We have something totally different from the usual children’s party that is exciting and original…a birthday party that will leave your 6 to 12 year old boy or girl buzzing for weeks afterwards!

A sword-fighting party is a safe and fun alternative, using foam and plastic swords under the direction of an experienced fencing coach. Our programs can also be used to enhance your theme.

• Pirates – practicing with "cutlass"

• Medieval – Squire training for Knights

• Star Wars – Padawan training for Jedi knights

• Hobbit sword-fighting

• Musketeers – practicing with "rapier"

• Sports fencing with foils

We have a number of stimulating programs geared towards children aged from 6 to 12 years! We can present different theme’s that can tie into the adventure of the big day!

Let your imagination go wild as you create a fantasy for your child!