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Elite Defence Academy

Protect your family! We offer classes for everyone.

Kids Academy Classes:

Kids Academy offers fun, practical and effective classes for kids. Our programs are designed to equip children with practical physical protections skills, emotional wellness and mental strength. They enable children to learn:

• Self Defence - age appropriate Krav Maga
• Personal Safety - what to do if something happens, goes wrong
• Life Skills - valuable life skills which will hold them in good stead into adulthood
• Self Confidence - in themselves, building long and lasting friendships, changing their mindsets and self- perception.
• Body conditioning - building upper and lower body core strength

All of these are taught through FUN and in the process building confidence and enabling each child to become successful. These classes are taught to children aged 4 - 9 years of age. The 1st class is FREE!

Kids Krav Maga:

Our training program will enable the kids to age appropriate Krav Maga. Children aged 7 – 13 years get to experience:

• Practical physical self- protection skills
• Emotional wellness
• Mental strength
• Reduced stress
• Improved concentration
• Better self- discipline
• Increased confidence
• Assertiveness
• Just to name a few... :)

The prime objective being preservation of their lives, if they encounter a situation.
The kids can undergo gradings like the karate belt system where they can earn patches - yellow, orange, green, blue, brown 1,2,3 patches depending on their progress. The 1st class is FREE!

Adults Krav Maga:

Men & Women of all ages and fitness levels (14 years up) can learn simple, intelligent self defence. We focus on:

• Hand to hand defence (grabs, chokes, holds)
• Gun disarms
• Knife disarms
• Anti-rape techniques
• Anti-hijacking techniques

Students undergo a 3 month course where you can learn defences against 24 of the most current attacks in South Africa. At the end of the 3 months, students can continue with their training and under gradings – like karate in belts. The 1st class is FREE!

Elite Defence Academy
Elite Defence Academy Elite Defence Academy