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Doodlebugs Nursery School
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Address 3 Dikkop Street,
Lower Old Place,
Telephone 044 382 3988
Mobile Phone 084 548 4118
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Welcome to Doodlebugs Nursery School

Doodlebugs strives to provide a loving, secure and stimulating environment that allows our children to grow as individuals at all stages of development through the structured use of play, music, arts, crafts and curriculum based learning.

Doodlebugs Nursery School aims to:

Provide a small teacher/child ratio of between 6 and 8 children per adult.
Create a stimulating and safe environment that is a home away from home combined with the structure of schooling – the best of both worlds!
Provide a warm and affectionate environment that will allow each child to learn respect for oneself and others.
Ensure that each child is important as an individual and will be treated as such.
Aid in the development of happy, enthusiastic, polite and confident children, prepared for formal schooling.

Doodlebugs Nursery School
Doodlebugs Nursery School
Doodlebugs Nursery School
Doodlebugs Nursery School

At Doodlebugs, as well as following the numeracy and literacy programme, our children will learn through play in a developmentally appropriate way, with a balance between free play and teacher guided activities. Structured play activities will include:

Fantasy Play
Dress up
Water Play
Sand Play
Modelling Clay
Jigsaw puzzles
and other activities that will stimulate your child and ensure their times with us are happy times!

In addition we will be offering extra-curricular activities such as:

Various other Art & Craft activities
Doodlebugs Nursery School