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DANCE MOUSE™ is a comprehensive, dance related syllabus currently being introduced in most Pre-Primary and Primary Schools in South Africa through a franchise opportunity.

OUR VISION is to expose as many children as possible to the different forms of dance through a fun and age appropriate syllabus.

The DANCE MOUSE™ syllabus offers an awesome foundation to the many different forms of dance like Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Cheerleading, Latin American basics, Hula Dance, Gymnastics, Break Dancing, Rock and Roll and Hip Tap just to name a few.

The DANCE MOUSE™ syllabus is endorsed by SADTA (South African Dance Teachers Association) and has been introduced to hundreds of schools through out South Africa over the last six years.

The benefits of DANCE MOUSE™ are simply ENOR'MOUSE …

  • teaching children technique and rhythm and increasing their overall self-confidence.
  • offering each child access to a broad dance base from which they can then choose going forward.
  • dancers are exposed to proprioception skills and various other activities that enhance their sensory, vestibular (balance) and gross motor skills at a steady and controlled pace.
  • offers a solid foundation of dance, body and spatial awareness. Dancers becomes very aware of their own body, its limitations and strengths.
  • at the same time enhancing a child’s performance in any other physically demanding sport.
  • a great emotional release and cardio workout for both boys and girls offering them an overall sense of well-being.

Please visit our website for more information and contact details of a franchise in your area

dance mouse dance mouse dance mouse
dance mouse dance mouse dance mouse