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Creative Entertainment

A-Z Creative Entertainment is a company that offers party equipment for hire, and a variety of mobile catering services at your venue. We focus on making food a lot of fun! Take one of our teaching classes, roll a pizza, make sushi or sit back and relax while our Mobile Chef prepares grills and succulent foods for your enjoyment.

"Creative" means that you do not need to choose from a set of specific options only, we will create whatever you need to make your occasion unique. We cater for adults, teenagers and children, and we do theme-specific events too! We mainly cover the Gauteng and Cape Town regions, however special enquiries are welcome.

Creative Entertainment
Creative Entertainment
Mobile chef:

We offer interactive cooking workshops or we simply cook for your event. Our Mongolian braais are very popular. Pancakes and Flapjack bars, Spiral Chips, Chip and dip, Pizzas, Sushi bar, Mexican street food, Build-A-Burger, Spit braais, Fondue’s, Paella parties.
Or as you desire, test our creativity!
Creative Entertainment
Creative Entertainment Equipment hires:

Candy-floss machines, Popcorn machines, Chocolate fountains with edible palm trees, Slush puppy, Smoothie bar, Cocktail Slush, Freezacino machines, Soft Serve machines with operators to suit your event.

Tips and Suggestions.
All Machines
Machine Operators are recommended for best results and your safety.
Most Important! Customers must provide an adequate electrical outlet within reach of the equipment.These machines require good quality of electricity supply. Do not make use of long extension cords, or put other high-current appliances on the same circuit. Extension cords should be 12-gauge or higher.

Party Themes:

African dance shows, Djembe drumming, Easter bunny and friends, green thumbs gardening crafts, Santa and his dancing elves, or give us a theme and we will make it happen!
Creative Entertainment Creative Entertainment Creative Entertainment Creative Entertainment