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Clamber Club
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Clamber Club is an extensive and exciting sensory motor programme that gets children moving. Whether it's through our weekly Parent BABY and TODDLER classes, PARTIES, our PRESCHOOL programme or our school SPORTS programme, we know that children learn best when they’re enjoying themselves!
Clamber Club
Due to an increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle, children are spending less time in physical play, and consequently they don't naturally develop the sensory motor and perceptual skills that are essential for learning. Clamber Club encourages the joy of movement, play and exercise in babies, toddlers and young children. Clamber Club is a place for you to have fun with your child!

Bring your baby along to our classes and participate in baby exercises! Clamber Club Babies is an enchanting movement and stimulation programme for babies. Through a combination of energetic baby exercises, sensory stimulation, calming activities and infant massage, parents spend time bonding, stimulating and enjoying precious time with their babies.

Each Clamber Club lesson invites your children to learn through movement. Featuring beautiful original Clamber Club music and specially designed Clamber Club equipment, active learning is enhanced as our toddlers gain greater awareness of how their bodies move, improve their coordination, learn important perceptual motor skills, and enjoy learning about the world they live in, whilst having lots of fun with mom or dad. The first few years in a child’s life are extremely important as this the most sensitive period for optimal brain development. Stimulation time, sensory experiences and lots of active play help to build better brains!

Clamber Club Sports features weekly fun filled and exciting exercise classes for playgroups and pre-schools. The programme can form part of a school’s integrated physical education offering, or run as an extra mural. The Jog the Frog exercise experience is taken to a more advanced level with children using unique imported equipment, specially designed to develop skills such as body awareness, motor planning, coordinating body sides, and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination. We promote concepts such as number, colour, size, and develop the child’s creative movement and imagination, whilst promoting body fitness and core muscle strength, along with sensory stimulation and basic gymnastic input. The Clamber Club music is featured throughout, and Jog introduces his two friends, Leaping Lila and Funky Monkey.

Clamber Club Preschool is a comprehensive play centred programme for 18 month to 5 year olds that promotes sensory motor and perceptual learning in a nurturing, warm and happy environment.
We focus on the development of the whole child, offering a structured, but play based learning curriculum:
• Gross motor play
• Fine motor play
• Perceptual activities
• Sensory play
• Creative play & music
• Development of concepts
• Language development
• Problem solving & thinking skills
• Life skills
Remembering that play is the work of the child, our programmes are designed to promote “learning through doing” and “learning through play”

Our obstacle courses are unique and our party team of entertainers are trained to keep your children active and happy for a full hour and a half! We also do Corporate Functions for large groups of children as well as School fun days and Sports days.
Clamber Club provides a wide range of entertainment solutions. Mail us today to find out more about Clamber Club Parties – from Toddler Playground Parties, Classic Clamber & Climb Parties to Obstacle Adventure Parties and School Outings!

No mess no fuss, you come to us!
Our stunning Party Venues have a wide range of exciting equipment for children ages 1-9 years to jump, bounce, clamber, climb and explore. While parents relax, children play in our beautiful garden. Jungle gyms, tunnels, climbing frames, slides, bike track, sand pit, balls galore are but some of our offerings.
Hassle free and ideal for busy parents, our spectacular party venue makes for an unforgettable birthday party.
And we don’t just offer our venue for birthday parties. Bring your School for a gross motor outing or fun day and book us for your child friendly Corporate Events or Family Functions.

Find a franchise in your area by visiting our website!
Clamber Club Clamber Club
Clamber Club Clamber Club
Clamber Club Clamber Club
Clamber Club Clamber Club