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Box ‘n Dice is a Maths Development Program where children learn mathematical concepts by doing fun activities, presented on DVD’s, using various colorful resources.

It focuses on the mathematical development of children from 4 – 9 years of age, giving them the opportunity to understand maths concepts by working with real objects, while fostering a keen interest in and love for maths.

Box ‘n Dice equip parents, home-school families, grandparents, teachers, and student teachers with the knowledge to help children reach their full potential in maths.

Box ‘n Dice consists of:

The Box – Containing all the math resources needed to do the activities on the DVDs

Level 1 – DVD and Parent guide CD

Level 2 – DVD and Parent guide CD + additional resources

Level 3 – DVD and CD with worksheets and memos

Box ‘n Dice is available in English and Afrikaans

Box ‘n Dice Box ‘n Dice
Box ‘n Dice Box ‘n Dice
Box ‘n Dice Box ‘n Dice
Box ‘n Dice Box ‘n Dice