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Diabetes SA is the only non-profit, public benefit organisation in South Africa providing a dedicated service for people with diabetes and their families. Diabetes SA aims to empower, encourage and educate the approx. 3 million diagnosed diabetics in South Africa on management of diabetes. We also aim to reach the more than 1 million undiagnosed people with diabetes. With education in mind our Camps for Children with Diabetes are an important priority for our organisation.

People need to know there are serious consequences to living with diabetes if it is left undiagnosed or not treated correctly.

Camps help the children to develop a positive attitude towards diabetes and teach them the management skills they need to live a healthy life with this chronic disease.If a child's diabetes is not well managed they can develop serious health complications

We normally try and do 2 camps per year for 6 - 13 year olds and 1 camp for older teens 14 - 20 years, and 1 family camp per year for families with newly diagnosed children. Children with diabetes have very challenging lives and can develop a negative attitude towards living with a chronic disease. They have to have 3 - 4 injections per day and have to prick themselves numerous times a day to test their blood sugars. Many different things can affect ones blood sugars and cause them to rise or drop ie. Climate temperatures, stress, diet, exercise, a cold or some other infection, under or overdose of insulin or injecting with the wrong insulin (children normally are on 2 kinds of insulin). If they don't manage their blood sugars well, they can end up in hospital frequently in a coma, caused by high or low blood sugars. Taking part in School sports can be challenging, as this can cause low blood sugars, so this must be carefully managed and the coaches and teachers and other children need to recognise the signs of a child's sugar levels dropping.

Often a child with diabetes will not know any other children with diabetes. This is why the camps are so important to these children. It gives them an opportunity to interact with other children facing the same problems and challenges. During the camp we have interactive educational sessions on living with and managing diabetes. These are done in a fun way with quizzes, skits and concerts, treasure hunts, games etc.

Many of the children with diabetes in the Western Cape come from underprivileged areas and cannot contribute towards camp fees. We therefore need to apply for sponsorship or grants in order to hold these camps. We work closely with the Diabetic Clinics at Red Cross Children's Hospital and Grootte Schuur as well as Tygerberg Hospitals and invite newly diagnosed children. The nurses and doctors at these institutions also make up the medical teams that assist us in running the camps.

We are in need of sponsorship from corporates and funders in order to make these camps possible and would welcome any enquiries with this in mind.

We are planning a Family camp for families of newly diagnosed children (last 18mths) at DE HOLLANDSCHE MOLEN near Franschhoek on 13 Sept - 15 September. Anyone wanting to attend should please contact our office for forms.

Tel: 021-425-4440 Fax: 086-600-7452
E-mail: capewc@diabetessa.co.za
Website: www.diabetessa.co.za
NPO Number: 000-797


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