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Berko Learning Academy Berko Learning Academy
Address 96 Keurboom Avenue,
Protea Heights,
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082 667 9664
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About us

Berko Learning Academy was founded by Naldine Berko, an innovative and passionate educator for learners with special educational needs. Her career started when she became a special needs facilitator at the Paarl-School. After working in an environment of special education she was inspired to become an educator and completed her Bed IV-degree at Stellenbosch University. It was with great joy that she accepted a teaching position at Jan Kriel School where she had the valuable opportunity to work with outstanding educators and leading educational psychologists and therapists. Her experience, gained by working with children with various special needs, enables her to view each child as an individual who deserves to have the CAPS curriculum made accessible to them and their specific need(s).

Our Vision

To support learners’ academic and emotional/social development by offering a holistic teaching approach in a structured classroom environment where each child can experience a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing class atmosphere where every child can reach his/her full academic potential by focussing on developing their individual strengths and teaching the curriculum in a way that accommodates each child’s individual needs. It is our goal that each child will develop a sense of self-confidence, diligence and resilience.

The Learning Environment

Berko Learning Academy is a private support centre, for learners in Grades R - 4, that functions as a home school. We provide remedial teaching with a low adult-child ratio (1:7) to make sure every child’s specific need/barrier to learning is being addressed on a daily basis.

e accommodate learners who will be able to complete the CAPS aligned curriculum with additional support as well as learners:

- who feel overwhelmed by large mainstream classrooms and need more individual attention
- need special remedial teaching
- who need to work at a less strenuous pace and need more time to complete tasks
- diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

We make use of the Brainline curriculum ( which is registered with the Independent Examinations Board and thus you can be assured of quality assessment in accordance with policy.

Our learners look very neat and proud in their formal uniforms. Art, computer skills and physical education are part of our holistic teaching approach and structured daily programme. We also have a small concert at the end of the year and organise fun outings to spoil our learners once a term.

Homework Class and Aftercare

We offer an additional homework class to ensure that learners consolidate their school work daily and/or to give learners the opportunity to receive one-one-one individual tutoring.

The Application Process

Parents are welcome to contact Naldine Berko to schedule an interview. Important reports from therapists and educational psychologists should be sent via e-mail before the initial interview. You will receive an application for admission form to bring along on the day of the interview.

Berko Learning Academy Berko Learning Academy Berko Learning Academy
Berko Learning Academy Berko Learning Academy Berko Learning Academy