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Baby Box Swop
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building little minds one BABY BOX at a time!


easy to follow flash cards of baby fun enjoyed @ home from birth to 3 years.

has a fabulous educational range of boxes including the WATCH ME GROW range of actvies carefully designed to stimulate baby’s senses and encourage adequate milestone development per age group.


in all WATCH ME GROW boxes:

• Sensopathic play: tactile, auditory, visual etc

• Baby’s self-esteem and confidence

• Object permanence - now u see it, now you don’t

• Short and long term memory

• Basic colours, counting, shapes

• Body parts, Gross and Fine Motor Skills

• Spatial perception and directionality

• Sound direction and vocabulary

• Eye and mouth muscle movement

• Midline crossing and laterality

• Hand-eye-foot co-ordination
Baby Box Swop

We also have our SPECIALITY RANGE for specific focus on fine tuning skills and overcoming challenge areas like colours, counting, touch sensitivity, under developed gross and fine motor skills etc.


monthly at your doorstep and they contain all relevant kit including:

toys and consumables, reading books (it's never too early to read to baby), nostalgic Nursery Rhymes, PLUS a detailed Milestone Goals list specific for baby's age.

Helpful hints, step-by-step instructions and glossary of terms used make it a fun programme to follow. There's even the baby cream for a gentle daily stimulation rub and massage.


find out about our educational group sessions BABY & U!

There's no clutter as it's all in the box and simple to use. Care Givers/Nanny’s using the programme will be issued with Certificates to encourage their enthusiasm and participation.

Contact us as we journey on building little minds one BABY BOX at a time!