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About us

At BabyBellies we believe in healthy, nutritional and convenient easy meals. We don’t just cater for your infant with our homemade baby food solutions but we cater for the whole family with our easy weekday meals.

Based in the Norhtern suburbs, BabyBellies can deliver throughout the Western Cape. The nutrition focused BabyBellies team was created and developed in 2009 by an ordinary mom, Helene Swanepoel who recognized the need for convenient yet wholesome organic baby food after having her first child. She soon started offering her baby food solution to friends whose time in the kitchen was limited but who cared about their baby food diet.

The baby food company enjoyed expansion when healthy living guru and child expert, Wilna Coertzen joined the company. Wilna used her 12 years of childcare knowledge to not only expand the baby food range, but extend the range for the whole family, offering easy weekday meals that every family member will enjoy. Wilna who now owns the company, says that “helping moms on a healthy eating adventure with the little ones is a big passion for me!”

Baby Meals

Our nutritious Frozen Baby Meals can be introduced into your infant’s baby food diet from six months old. By then their digestive tract is considered mature enough to handle solid food.

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Single Meals

All of our Single Meals (200g tubs) are a combination of foods with enough nutrients to equal one complete meal. Simply defrost and enjoy for really easy meals.

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Family Meals

We have frozen meals for the whole family – perfect for easy weekday meals! With such a wide variety to choose from, you’re sure to find an easy meal for the whole family!

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