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milestone charts 1 to 12 months

Remember, each baby is unique and meets milestones at his / her own pace.
These are simply guidelines to what expect from your baby at this stage.
Child's Age (months)
Mastered Skills
(most children can do)
Emerging Skills
(half of children can do)
Advanced Skills
(a few children can do)
• Lifts head
• Responds to sound
• Stares at faces
• Follows objects
• Ooohs and ahhs
• Can see black-and-white   patterns
• Smiles
• Laughs
• Holds head at a
  45-degree angle
• Vocalises sounds -   gurgling and cooing
• Follows objects
• Holds head up for short   periods
• Smiles, laughs
• Holds head at a
  45-degree angle
• Movements become   smoother
• Holds head steady
• Bears weight on legs
• May lift head and shoulder   (mini-pushup)
• Laughs
• Holds head steady
• Recognises your face
  and scent
• Squeals, gurgles, coos
• Recognises your voice
• Does mini-pushups
• Turns towards loud sounds
• Can bring hands together
  and may bat at toys
• Can roll over
• Holds head up steadily
• Can bear weight on legs
• Coos when you talk to
• Can grasp a toy
• Reaches out for objects
• Can roll over
• Imitates speech sounds -   baba, dada
• May cut first tooth
• Can distinguish
  between bold colours
• Can roll over
• Amuses himself by   playing with hands and   feet
• Turns towards new
• Recognises own name
• May sit momentarily without   support
• Mouths objects
• Stranger anxiety may begin
• May be ready for solids
• Turns towards sounds
  and voices
• Imitates sounds, blows   bubbles
• Rolls in both directions
• Reaches for objects and   mouths them
• Sits without support
• Is ready for solids
• May lunge forward or start   crawling
• May jabber or combine   syllables
• May drag object towards   himself
• Sits without support
• Reaches for things with
  a sweeping motion
• Imitates speech sounds   (babbles)
• Combines syllables into   word like sounds
• Begins to crawl or
  lunges forward
• Stands while holding onto
• Waves goodbye
• Bangs objects together
• Says "dada" and
 "mama" to both parents
  (isn't specific)
• Begins to crawl
• Passes object from
  hand to hand
• Stands while holding
  onto something
• Crawls well
• Points at objects
• Pulls self to standing
  position, cruises around
  furniture while holding on
• Picks things up with
  thumb-finger "pincer" grasp
• Indicates wants with
• Combines syllables into   word like sounds
• Stands while holding
  onto something
• Uses pincer grasp to
  pick up objects
• Cruises while holding
  onto furniture
• Bangs objects together
• Plays patty cake
• Says "dada" and "mama" to   the right parent (is specific)
• Waves goodbye
• Picks things up with
  pincer grasp
• Crawls well
• Cruises
• Says "dada" and"   mama"to the right
  parent (is specific)
• Responds to name and   understands "no"
• Indicates wants with   gestures
• Drinks from a cup
• Stands alone for a couple of   seconds
• Puts objects into a container
• Says "dada" and "mama"   to the right parent
  (is specific)
• Plays patty-cake
• Stands alone for a couple   of seconds
• Imitates others'   activities
• Puts objects into a   container
• Understands simple
• Drinks from a cup
• Says one word besides   "mama" and "dada"
• Stoops from standing
• Imitates others' activities
• Jabbers wordlike sounds
• Indicates wants with
• Says one word besides
  "mama" and "dada"
• Takes a few steps
• Understands and
  responds to simple
• Scribbles with crayon
• Walks well
• Says two words besides
  "mama" and "dada"

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