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The Manual that never came with your child

A must read for any parent

Parents and caregivers who struggle to cope with the demands of modern day living and need practical, sensible advice to raise happy, well-adjusted and independent children will find this title invaluable. The manual that never came with your child covers: an appropriate environment for the child to do his or her homework; the setting up of routines; how to organize weekly and monthly planners; study methods; an effective homework diary; games and activities to improve visual and auditory perceptual skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills; food that will optimize brain power; discipline. Written in laymen's terms, the text is accompanied by full-color cartoons throughout, which lightens the approach to issues that are often regarded as nightmares by despairing parents. Regular Handy Hints boxes summaries the preceding concepts in a nutshell.

Table of contents

  • Catching the positive
  • organizing the bedroom
  • the morning and evening routine
  • weekly planners " monthly planners
  • the ultimate homework diary
  • making homework a habit
  • tackling tests and planning projects
  • fun 'n games
  • Handling the TV menace
  • Feed your body, feed your brain
  • Discipline
Jane Jarvis

By Jane Jarvis and Debbie de Jong

Book available from Exclusive Books and