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Angel Care Daycare
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Address 84 De Jager Street & c/o Darwin Street, Kraaifontein
Telephone 078 028 6827
073 192 0208
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Placing Your Angel in AngelCare will leave you with a great peace of mind, your child (your most precious possession) will be in a save, loving, stimulating environment where we will take care of them to the best of our ability. The age appropriate stimulation we give your child will be monitored and you will receive a progress report once a term to see what the progress is with your little angel’s milestones and development.

Ages: 3 months to 6 years

Times: 05h45 to 18h00 - Monday to Friday

Except from taking care of your little angel we are also going to stimulate your child with a play-activity programme specifically designed for children who are in the 2 month to 5 years age groups. We do lots of learn through play activities. And we give your child a home away from home, by not keeping them in one room the whole day but by having a rotation system in the school.