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Abana Child Development Centre
Using Filtered Sound Training, a program that uses music to give an "aerobic workout" in the Auditory Canal. This method of intensive auditory stimulation was shown to be helpful for many people with auditory or listening-related difficulties, including
Ear-Aerobix Concentration problems
Ear-Aerobix Painful hearing
Ear-Aerobix Forgetting what one hears
Ear-Aerobix Reading and spelling (phonology) problems
Ear-Aerobix Speech problems
Ear-Aerobix Social skills
These are problems experienced by people of any age and are also found in children with
Ear-Aerobix Dylexia
Ear-Aerobix ADD/ADHD
Ear-Aerobix Autism
Ear-Aerobix Speech and language disorders

Mossel Bay
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Filtered Sound Training